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Surviving In Paradise
Book 2

In the dystopian landscape of the United Socialist States of America, Mission Hills, Kansas stands as a rare sanctuary of freedom.


But when the oppressive DC Elites target this peaceful suburb for transformation into a high-density housing project, former CIA operative Santana Cruz knows it's time to act.


The stakes skyrocket with the arrival of Natzy commander Rod Lugar, a merciless enforcer with one goal: capturing Santana.

As Free Stater scientist Will Tanaka races to develop force-field technology, Santana and her team sabotage the enemy's plans, even as they face mounting casualties and equipment failures.


With her daughter Adriana's safety also on the line, Santana's fight becomes deeply personal.

In a climactic showdown that tests her leadership and the Free Staters' resolve, can they defy the odds and preserve their sanctuary?


Dive into this heart-stopping adventure and join the fight for freedom.

One Woman, One Town, One Chance for Freedom

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